The Middle Ages for Kids - Women and Marriage Illustration

Middle Ages for Kids
Women & Marriage

In medieval times, noble women had almost no rights. She was allowed to run the manor house, but quite often had servants to do the actual work. A noble woman's job was to have children, and to raise children. A noble woman's life was very restrictive. Women who were serfs and peasants worked in the fields or in the family business, once towns began to spring up all over Europe, but they too were responsible for taking care of the house and the children.

Marriages were arranged. A woman had no choice in who she married. A woman brought a dowry, some type of wealth, with her when she married. No matter what happened to their marriage, the dowry stayed with her husband.

Women could not inherit the land or the manor house. Her oldest son inherited. But, if she had no son, and her husband died, she and her children were removed from the manor house and the king would give the manor to a new lord or knight. 

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