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The Middle Ages for Teachers

For Teachers

Charlemagne Bias Lab - Two readings on Charlemagne that mirror one another. Read both to see how bias can greatly affect our view of a historical figure, with Doc 1 and Doc 2

Crumbling Kingdom - A classroom simulation of what daily life might be like to live in a civilization that was collapsing around you. End of dark ages, manor life, rise of towns, one-hour

Culture Shock: Dark Ages - Five mini activities to show how one might go about rebuilding a fallen society

Challenge the use of the phrase "Dark Ages",  lesson plan, multiple activities

The Normans Resource Pak (Core Knowledge)

The Battle of Hastings 1066, Classroom Activity

Feudalism Unit (Core Knowledge)

One hour classroom activity simulating life in a feudal society

Castle Builder - a very fun activity where kids first sketch their castle and then do battle (from the brilliant Kevin Roughton)

The Feudal System - Medieval Society

Feudalism in Medieval Europe lesson plan with choice of activities

Not everyone lived in castles during the Middle Ages (lesson)

The Church in Medieval Times, lesson idea & background

The Path of the Black Death | EDSITEment

The Crusades Simulation (Activity, Mr. Roughton)

Medieval Knight Life lesson plan and activities

 Lesson Idea: Write your own code based on today's social code of behavior (Donn)

Tales of King Arthur, lesson and activities

King John - The Decision Making Game, lesson plan with activities

The Magna Carta - Cornerstone of the US Constitution, lesson plan with activities

Late Middle Ages Dossiers: King John vs King Richard, lesson plan with activities, handouts

Weighing the Evidence - Robin Hood Activity

Business in the Middle Ages - working in a guild (using hatters)

Faire Time Unit, The Middle Ages Come to Life, 4-6 weeks (Core Knowledge)

Middle Ages Food and Celebration, mini-unit

Rise of Trades and Towns, lesson plan

The Game of Goose - Includes game board and lesson plan

The Black Death (Activity, Mr. Roughton)

Bubonic Plague Role Play

The Crusades lesson plan

An Introduction to Beouwulf, lesson plan

The Castle in the Attic, lesson plan