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Here are some free online interactive games about the Middle Ages. Flash games have been removed. Have fun and WATCH OUT!

Play: Watch Out For Trolls!

Explore the Palace of Holyroodhouse Game (Be careful!)

Time Zone Interactive Game

Castle Measurement Game - Find the objects, interactive

Cool Castle - match three, interactive, just for fun

Unhorse your Foe! (knightly tournaments, metmuseum)

Buses in the Ballroom, Interactive

Bring on the Battle Interactive

Could you make it as a Norman knight? fun quiz for kids, interactive

Play a Free Online Game about Heraldry and the Middle Ages

Family Crest and Coat of Arms Generator, free online

Play Darts - interactive (bows and arrows back in the day), interactive 

Dig for Medieval Weapons game, interactive

Tic Tac Toe, interactive (cbc)

Tic Tac Toe interactive (toy theatre)

Nine Mens Morris interactive

Skittles, interactive (early form of 10-pin bowling)

Fisher Price, Full Knights Game, Free online youtube, interactive

Laying the Table interactive

King of the Castle interactive

Build your own Medieval Castle

Middle Ages - Games (Quia)

How to make a medieval Coat of Arms

The Crusades, interactive

The Middle Ages after 1100, interactive

The Meaning of Beep: The Middle Ages game

Battle Battle (interactive, for fun)

Cube Defense, interactive, for fun)

Medieval Journey Quiz

Interactive Quiz about the Middle Ages (with answers, Donn)

Games Played in the Middle Ages:  To play in your classroom or playground: Games included Hide n Seek, Tag, Ring Around the Rosie, See Saw, Wallking on Stilts, Prisoner's Base (this game was banned in the 1300s by King Edward III), Hopscotch, Jingling, Barley Bread, Archery, Marbles, Quoirs (ring toss), Hammer Throwing, Queck (played on a checkerboard with pebbles - toss pebbles and guess whether they will land on a black or white square), Stick Combat, Stone Throwing (played like horseshoes only you aim for a circle drawn on the ground), Tug of War, Ruff, Honors, Triomphe, Whisk, Swabbers, Skittles (an early version of 10-pin bowling), Shinty (similar to hockey), Shove Groat, Niddy Noddy, an early form of Football, Fox and Geese, and many more. Direction on how to play these games can be found here: Medieval Games and Recreation. Medieval board games with free game board downloads can be found under Free Use Medieval Lesson Plans.