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Middle Ages for Kids
Foods and Feasts

For most people, life on the Manor was hard work. Peasants had enough food since the Nobles wanted them to be strong to do their work, but the food was simple and monotonous. This was not how the nobles lived.

Nobles would often prepare elaborate meals with several different courses and if they had company they might call for a feast. A feast would be very involved and include wild game, fish, vegetables, fruit both dried and fresh and something for dessert. Until the advent of sugar from the crusaders, honey was used to sweeten foods. most foods were heavily salted to preserve it.

In addition to the meal, a feast usually had some form of entertainment. Singing, music, juggling, acrobatics all could be seen. A feast was a big occasion on the manor.

There was no tableware, only knives and finger to get food. Soup was drunk right out of the bowl as was any type of stew. Meals were quite messy affairs. Some places used napkins and some didn't. However, no one really knew how to prepare and handle food properly. No one washed up before meals. Peasants hardly ever washed. They usually only had one or two sets of clothes so they might wear the same clothes for weeks at a time. And there were no toothbrushes or toothpaste so many people suffered with dental problems. And since there were no dentists, well, you can imagine.

There is a book that purports to tell all about the customs and manners of the middle ages. It is called Babees Book.

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