The Middle Ages for Kids - Medieval Clothing Illustration

Middle Ages for Kids
Medieval Clothing

The Crusaders brought back beautiful materials, made of silk and cotton from the Middle East. Velvet was used in Italy, and was brought back to the rest of Europe as well. The nobles dyed their clothes in rich colors. But except for the very wealthy, most people continued to make clothing from wool and linen. Winter clothes were lined with fur from squirrels and other animals, for extra warmth.

Women wore long dresses. Men wore tunics and hose (long stockings that reached the waist). During winter months, people wore cloaks, wool hats and mittens. Shoes were usually leather. The nobles wore soft slippers indoors. Noble women wore a elaborate hats. They also wore a wimple, which is a cloth worn by women on their heads. A wimple covered the head, neck, ears, went under the chin, and sometimes covered the cheeks as well.

Peasants and serfs made jewelry from clay or from whatever material they could afford. Wealthy people and nobility wore jewelry such as rings, bracelets, pins, and brooches. Later during the Middle Ages, knights were not allowed to wear rings.

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