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Kids Castle

Ghosts in the Castle (game, National Geographic)

 Build your own Medieval Castle  


Shockwave Game: Destroy the Castle with your Trebuchet (Nova) 


Middle Ages - Games (Quia)

The Domesday Game

Good Knight! I Challenge you to a joust! (Shockwave)

Calling All Knights in Armour 

Design a Coat of Arms

Design a Coat of Arms

How to make a medieval Coat of Arms

Create a Coat of Arms

Medieval vs. Modern

A Ratís Life

You Know What They Say

Gawain's Word (PBS, shockwave)

Play a Free Online Game about Heraldry and the Middle Ages

The Tudors

Tudor Britain Fun

The Tudors 

Medieval Journey Quiz


Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Free Online Games for the Middle Ages

Free Middle Ages Clipart for Kids & Teachers

 Free Clip Art

Middle Ages for Teachers

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